February 22, 2011

More Pictures

Yesterday I told you I was going to take some pictures of the kids with the camera. We have an old smokehouse in our yard so I decided to takes some shots of Bryanna there and I hope you like them, I do. BW was not really wanting to take pictures yesterday but I managed to get a few of him outside too.


Jamie said...

Hi there I am hopping over from the HHH and I just love your blog.My first time ever visiting.The pictures are fabulous and my favorite is your daughter standing in front of the old wood siding(it looks like a senior picture)You know the opnes that cost lots of $$$$$.Great job.

Lizzie said...

Those are wonderful! Your kids are gorgeous.
Came by from the HHH to say hi!

Lisa said...

Just coming over to visit from the HHH and wanted to tell you that your pictures are beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

They look so grown up, Annette! Beautiful pics!