October 27, 2009

Family Time

This past Saturday we decided to head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to get away for a little while. We took my grandma and my mom with us. One of the things I love about fall is seeing the change of the leaves. It was beautiful up there! We stopped at this little area and took some pictures, had a picnic and hung out there for a bit before heading back. The kids really enjoyed it and we just had some great family time together.

October 22, 2009


To start this post off I wanted to Thank God for all he has done for me. I want to thank him first for dying on the cross for my sins so that I could be saved. I thank him for my family, my church and my great friends. I thank him for the husband and two children he sent to me. I thank him for my health. I thank him for always providing for our needs. I thank him for the opportunity to be home with these kids and to be able to teach them not only the regular school work but more about the bible.

About two weeks ago Bryanna was working on a project and was asked what she would thank our pastor for and this sweet child spoke up and said "Well the first thing that comes to my mind is for preaching the gospel so we can learn about God". I thought how about that a 10 year old realizes how blessed she is about having the true gospel being preached to her. Sometimes I wonder at her age is she really paying attention and listening. I see her notes but still is she understanding? We often times will ask her what the message was about and believe or not she can tell you a lot that was said. This makes me so proud.

We took off this morning and went to the Chinqua Penn Trail and walked. We just took our time and had a good time together and talked about a lot of things. During our walk I was so blessed by something BW said to me. We were walking along the trail and he put his hands together and looked up at me and said "mommy, can I tell God thank you for making this, because I really like it". So there walking the trail my 4 year old son started to tell God thank you for making that for him. This was one of those moments that you wanted to cry not because you were upset but because you were blessed to see such a little child understand Gods work and that it is him that blesses us so much. It blessed my heart but also convicted me because I know I fall short of thanking God for all his blessings that he gives me. Sometimes kids help to open our eyes to things we may not even see.
Can you think of something that your child has said that has blessed your heart tremendously or convicted you of?

October 14, 2009

What Pumpkin Treat Are You?

You Are Pumpkin Pie

You are old fashioned and traditional. You prefer the old classics to newfangled traditions.

You believe that some of the best things in life have been forgotten. Luckily, you still remember them.

You are nostalgic for a simpler era, even possibly a time before you were born.

You love old movies, music, and fashions. You find the past to be a rich and interesting time.

October 7, 2009

First Homeschool Meeting this Year

We had our first homeschool meeting last week and had a great time. We were able to be outside and enjoy the fall weather. The kids played outside, had a snack and even decorated pumpkins. Actually BW didnt want to leave. I am so thankful to be a part of this group, the parents are great and the kids have so much fun playing with the other kids.

BW playing on the playground

Working on our pumpkins

The finished pumpkins! BW's pumpkin is the whiter colored one and Bryanna's is the one right beside of BW's with the cute little lips. I think they all did a great job and had a lot of fun doing them.