October 31, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins #96

And...here we go!

1. My favorite food seasoning is seasoned salt.

2. Getting a big project done is music to my ears.

3. Lucky is being able to stay home and teach my kids.

4. The time I spend with my family is something I take very seriously.

5. Many people drive me crazy the way they act in public.

6. A Thomas the Train take along set for B.W.'s birthday was the last thing I bought at the store.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time with the hubby and kids and visiting family, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and going to a fish fry at the church and Sunday, I want to go to church, and go to a rememberance service for my dad in the afternoon!

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October 24, 2008

My First Blog Award!

Brianna, a sweet friend,soon to be cousin(yea!!) at THIS LITTLE PIGGY LOVES RYAN gave me this sweet blog award. Thank you so much, you have given me my first blog award! I love your blog too!

Part of accepting the award is:

*displaying the award

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I’m passing this award on to 2 women who's blogs I enjoy reading very much. I am passing this only to 2 women because the other womens blogs that I enjoy have already received this award(Brianna, Michelle, Sherri/Megan, Christy, Sheila, and Tracey).

*Monica at Homespun Heart

*Peggy at The Simple Woman

October 23, 2008

Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin

We read Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin this week and the kids really enjoyed this book. The story is about five pumpkins four are perfect and round and one is lumpy and bumpy and not a very pretty pumpkin. The four picked on the Mr. Lumpy Bumpy pumpkin and said he wouldnt be any good except for pumpkin pie. One by one each pumpkin was picked. It came down to him and one other pumpkin and Mrs Crow was coming the next morninig to pick her pumpkin so she could make pumpkin pie. Of course poor Mr. Lumpy Bumpy pumpkin cried all night and he had salt water tears flow down his face. The next morning Mrs. Crow came and the farmer took her to see Mr. Lumpy Bumpy pumpkin and she said he smelt salty and that would not make a good pumpkin pie so she picked the other pumpkin. In the end Mr. Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin made a great jack-o-lantern. Of course whats a mother to do but tell her daughter that just because something or someone may seem perfect on the outside doesnt mean that they are. So after the story we made pumpkins and the kids painted them and cut out their own faces and put them together.



October 22, 2008

October 21, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been awhile since I posted but we have been very busy. We had our second field trip and we went to Battleground Alamance. This was very interesting and the kids did really good. They got to see one of the old cabins, play with toys they had back then, see how candles were made, watch a blacksmith turn iron into a nail, see apples pressed into cider, see musket demonstration, and see a canon firing demonstration as well as a few other things. Below are the pictures I took before my camera battery died.:( Then we headed for the beach on Thursday with my mom and helped her paint the outside building. We decided we would let the kids help, I will post an after picture tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post. So tune in for that. And we are now trying to get back in the swing of things. We have another field trip next week to the fire department and I
think BW will really enjoy that.

Photobucket Photobucket
Bryanna is playing a game called shut the box, and B.W. is writing on a piece of slate just like they did in colonial days.

Photobucket Photobucket
This lady was telling us about how they cooked and stored food then. If you will notice there is a pot over the fire which had pork and beans in that. There is a stand beside of the fire with a chicken tied to a string. She had a piece of fish tied to a board that sat near the fire and a potato and egg that sat on the ground next to the fire. The man was showing them how to make the candles. He said it would take about three hours to make those candles.

Photobucket Photobucket
This is the blacksmith and in the first picture he was trying to get his fire hot by using the bella (sp?) which blew air into the fire to make it hot. He stuck a iron rod into the fire and when it was the right temperature he took it out and hammered it into a nail.

This is the Allen House. It is a one bedroom house has no electricity. There was a door in the front and back of the house which served for most of the light. The fireplace served for light and heat as well. The kids slept upstairs which was like an attic, and the beds were made of straw. Imagine that.

October 13, 2008





Here is the newest member of our family. Our yorkie "Bubba". He has been such a good dog so far. This is why I havent blogged in a while. Bryanna had a yorkie as the first thing on her Christmas list and we found this sweet little dog. Truth be told I wanted him just as bad as she did. We have already had a lot of fun with him and we have only had him for 5 days. He is a one year old male and weighs 9 pounds. Best part he doesnt shed.

October 5, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch Parable


I bought this book at the bible bookstore to read to the kids since fall has arrived. When I sat down to read it I thought I am going to use this in childrens church. What I like about it was there were bible verses on every page to use and they help to explain that just like we can see into a pumpkin, God can see what is in our hearts too. When we take all the bad yucky stuff out of the pumpkin it is much cleaner and when we take the bad out of our hearts we have clean hearts too. One of the other things that really stood out to me was just like when we put a light in the pumpkin and everyone can see that light we should be a light for other people and let God be seen in us. I thought this was an excellent illustration for kids to understand. I also decided we would carve a pumpkin to go along with the story. It turned out so cute.