August 3, 2010

Question and Answer

When I posted my curriculum choices I was asked this question:
Do you have any traditions for the beginning of the school year?

I thought about it and the answer would be no, we really dont have any traditons to start our school year off. Never really thought about doing anything to kind of kick our year off.  We do have school a couple of weeks and then take a week and head out on vacation, and that is a nice little break before we really get into our school work.

But this year we are going to get together with some friends and have some fun with them. So that will be cool before we have to buckle down into the books. I have also found a unit study on chocolate and I thought this could be fun...I mean who doesnt like chocolate..right.  We will be learning but at the same time having fun exploring the world of chocolate.

So do you have any traditons that you do before the beginning of the school year?


Meghan said...

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~Amy~ said...

Saying "Hi" from Hip Homeschool Hop!
May you have a blessed day!

Debbie said...

I have always given the kids a Back-to-School present or two--personalized pencils or notebooks, a fun science kit or educational game. A lot of times, these are things I bought for the school year anyway, but if they are "fun," it makes it more special to wrap them up for the first day. This year, on the day the PS starts back up, we're going to the science museum--should be nice and empty!

Sue said...

I was just talking to my Hubby about this very idea. We're still trying to come up with something fun to kick off our homeschool year. I'll keep have to keep ya posted! :)

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The Homeschool Chick

Julia said...

A chocolate study sounds fun :) We don't have any first day traditions, but last year we took off the first day of public school and went to the park. We will be doing that again this year too ;) I am stopping by from the homeschool hop!

The Pennington Point said...

I try to get new school supplies (pens, pencils, spirals, etc) for each kid. They look forward to that. I like the idea of taking a trip a few weeks into school. I could adopt that idea! Lisa~

MomofAJ said...

Hi, I found you from the Hip Homeschool hop.

We always start the first day of school with a fun experiment, this year it was tin can robot. Usually after the first week or two we take a field trip.