July 26, 2010

Curriculum 2010-2011

Well we are winding down the majority of the summer. It will be back to school in 2 weeks in our house. Looking forward to getting back into it, new things going this year. Bry will be a 6th grader and my little man will be a kindergartner, that time went way to fast for me. He is excited, already wants to start school. I think our curriculum choices are pretty much final just a few more things to pick up.
Our Curriculum for the 2010-2011 school year:
History: Heart of Dakota--Creation to Christ
Math: Math U See--finish using Epsilon and then move into Zeta (love this program)
Science: Heart of Dakota--various books
Grammar: Shurley English
Spelling: Soaring with Spelling and vocabulary
Reading: Finish Little House on Prarie Primer and start Drawn into the Heart of Reading

History: Heart of Dakota--Little Hearts for His Glory
Math: Math U See--Primer
Science: Gods Wonderful Works
Phonics: Reading Made Easy The Reading Lesson
Writing: A Reason for Handwriting

We are going to go into it slow, have school for 3 weeks and then we are heading out for our family vacation. When we get back it will be time to really get into our schooling. I am  a little nervous about schooling two this year and being there are so many years apart kind of hard to do a lot with them together right now. I think we are going to do some unit studies together, looking at doing a study on chocolate first...yummy!

Hope all of my fellow homeschoolers are having a great summer and look forward to seeing what your school year brings for your family as well.


Rebecca (me!) said...

Love your list....thanks for joining my blog! Great idea on starting slow...we started two weeks ago, only 3 days/week, though! Do you have any traditions for the beginning of the school year?

Heather said...

Aren't new beginnings always exciting! We start and stop too which I really like.

Michelle said...

i just ordered my math and lang arts last night. hope we get it this week! ha! we'll probably just focus on science and history the first couple of weeks anyway. i'm dreading math...thought we were going to be doing fractions {which i kinda like} turns out division which i hate!

Layton Family Joy said...

Hi - my friend uses Heart of Dakota - it looks like a great curriculum!! We're a hodge podge of things!

Best of luck this year -

Kimarie said...

Hi, there! I'm stopping by from The Hip Homeschool Hop. Nice to "meet" you!

H-Mama said...

A study on chocolate. That's classic. We may have to research that, too. ;)