December 21, 2009


Last Friday we had a little  well 8 inches I think of snow come our way. But my kids just couldnt wait to get out in it and play. So they went out while it was coming down and had so much fun, they didnt last long out there too cold they said. I love to watch the snow fall, I think it is just so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Goodness... 8 inches! Wow! We're originally from Houston, Texas and we're now in Idaho so we just had our first real snow. It was SO pretty and the kids ahd fun! I love seeing pictures of kids playing in snow. I have to admit that my husband driving 45 min. to work in it did scare me a lot... I never knew that snow turns to ice :O lol

Katrina said...

Great Pictures!

I am so ready for the snow to be gone though!!


I love the pics:) I wish it would snow here. Thanks for sharing. If it snows here I will for sure get some pics:)