December 4, 2009

Christmas Party!

So as I told you we went to the assisted living home and had a great time there with the ladies. One of the dear ladies was in the hospital, one wasnt feeling to good (she did come eat with us but didnt feel like doing anything else) and one of the other ladies doesnt come out of her room. But one thing that really stuck out to me about these ladies was they told me several times you didnt have to bring all this you could have just come. They didnt care about the gifts, party or crafts, All they wanted was a visit from us. And yet they would ask the kids what they wanted for Christmas and offered to help with the party. This day was for them, we wanted to do for them and in turn they still wanted to help us. Such a blessing to spend some time with them! So as promised some pictures from our day!

Making Christmas cards for the Baskets.

Putting the Baskets together.

Finished baskets!

Enjoying some snacks.

Working on Crafts.

Pictures with a few of the ladies!


Katrina said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time! Bryanna looks so focused in the picture where she's painting! The baskets look great too! What a wonderful way to lift those ladies spirits!

Anonymous said...

Your post really warmed my heart! It was so obvious how happy you all made those ladies! What a blessing~