August 16, 2011


This year we started using Total Language Plus for Bryanna. So far we love it! Although she is able to read much harder books I decided to start with something easier to make sure we will like this currriculum. So we picked Pippi Longstocking, and no she has not read this before and I thought she would love this book. Not only does TLP have all the spelling, vocabulary and grammar together together but it also includes projects to do as well.. Also during the course of the study she will be working on writing a tall tale.

Now the projects are great and I can include my son in some of them. The first one we did was flipping pancakes. Yeah after I said we would do it I thought I am crazy this is going to get everywhere. The thought of pancakes on the ceiling and floor crossed my mind. But I love to let my kids cook with me and let me tell you the results were great. BW (my 6 year old) flipped better pancakes than me. They both really did good and believe it or not there was no mess to clean up other than dirty dishes.


Adrienne said...

I love getting in the kitchen with my kids! I cannot flip pancakes, so I'm impressed!

Thanks for stopping by today! Lookingforward to seeing more of your blog. :)

Sarah said...

Fun idea! I'm sure the kids loved it.