June 17, 2011

Birthday, Fathers Day

Do we ever slow down, it sure doesnt seem like it. Last week we had my nieces graduation and then had a big party for her afterwards. I still cant believe it, I am old enough to have a niece that is getting ready to go to college. Man time flies.

Today is my birthday, and in 6 days it will be my daughters birthday, and not to mention Fathers Day is Sunday. We will be celebrating all these events tomorrow with a pool party with the family. I hope tomorrow is a rain free day.

And well Fathers Day, well as most of you know is a very hard occasion for me. This will be the fourth Fathers Day I have not had my dad here with me. Does it ever get any easier, it doesnt seem like it. I miss him so much. I often tell my husband that there are so many times I wish I could just talk to him, hug him and just hear his voice. I miss him picking on me and seeing him with his grandchildren, oh how he loved them. So to my Daddy, I want to say Happy Fathers Day and I LOVE YOU!

To my husband and wonderful father of my children, Happy Fathers Day! Our kids are so blessed to have you as their daddy! WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES!

Hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully I will be back to a normal routine soon!

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