June 14, 2010

Birthday Surprise

So I have got to have the sweetest hubby ever. He planned a surprise birthday party for me this past Saturday. I had no clue...I even made the chili. I am sure you are asking yourself how did you make chili and not even realize something was up, well......He wanted some chili (his grandmas recipe) and of course I had none so I said I would fix it on Friday. So the plan was we were going to have lunch with my mom on Saturday at her house and then go swimming. Little did I know that my family and his family would be there waiting for me when I got there. I felt so special that day, I was sang to several times, I had birthday cake, there was decorations and even a few gifts. What a great day that was!

Have you ever had a surprise and helped with it and not even known anything was going on?