May 25, 2010

Testing and conference

Wow, end of the year testing is Friday for Bryanna. I can't believe it is already here, where did this year go. I get way to stressed about this. Last year I worried over her math and she did very good but I cant help it. After all I am her teacher and I feel like it is a reflection on my teaching. She is a little nervous which is to be expected but I told her just to do her best and she will be fine. I think we are both ready for it to be over with so we can see how well she does.

On another note the homeschool conference is this weekend. Last year I went to the bookfair and had a wonderful time and came home with almost all of my curriculum for this year. I have been debating on whether to go this year or not but I think that I am going on Friday after testing and I am going to take Bryanna with me. Cant wait to see her reaction when she sees all the vendors. It is definitely an experience and gets you all pumped up for schooling. I hope next year I can go to the full conference and enjoy some of the workshops as well.

I have been looking at curriculum for next year and even after 2 years of schooling it can still get overwhelming. I wasnt sure what I wanted to do with language arts/grammar but I really like the looks of growing with grammar and soaring with spelling and vocabulary. Do you have any suggestions for curriculum?

This is way off of the subject but tomorrow we get our tables for the living room and that will make the set complete!


Michelle said...

the girls have started getting nervous too. last night i wished i hadn't even told them...... ;) oh, well.

i keep going back and forth for next year too. i have no clue as to what i want to do. i want to wait and see how they test and what we really need to focus on. hey, maybe next year, that can be out little getaway ;) we can stay over for the conference. would really be a good time to go to the workshops having middle schoolers! wowza can you believe it!!!

Katrina said...

She will do great, she's got a good teacher, but I am sure it's a little nerve wracking. GO get em' Bryanna! :)

Erin Wallace said...

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xo Erin