January 7, 2010

My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip

Harris Teeter is having super doubles this week, doubling all coupons up to $1.98 and 20 per household per day. My grand total was 103.18, I saved 110.68...yay! You cant see everything very good, but this included 2 boxes of laundry detergent, 3 packs chicken breast, 2 family packs cube steak, 2 packs stew beef, tenderloin, 2 packs bacon, pack of ham steaks, 2 packs of shredded cheese, 2 boxes of special k bars and 2 boxes of special k cereal. I love to get deals like these, did any of you make a trip to Harris Teeter this week?


Katrina said...

You Go Girl!
I printed off some coupons & I think I am gona head over to HT tommorow! Thanks for those links!

Michelle said...