July 20, 2009

School just ahead

First off let me say we have been very busy this month. We have been getting things ready to start school, have went on vacation, had a family reunion, started a new bible study at church(which by the way is great, Thanks Michelle for doing this) and even got to enjoy the most beautiful wedding. But school is just ahead, thats right we are planning on starting back on Monday, July 27th. I cant believe it is here and now I question do I have it all together to be able to start so soon. But I know with God all things are possible. I am a little nervous not only is my little girl starting 5th grade but BW is starting his preschool program too! He is excited, thinks he is a very big boy now. He will be like sissy. All this new curriculum we are trying this year has a lot of hands on activities, which we are looking forward to. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer break and I will keep you guys posted about our school year.

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Katrina said...

Well I know you have been enjoying your summer! I can't believe your starting school already! Wow! Don't worry, you will do great!