May 26, 2009

Homeschool Conference

I went to the homeschool conference on Friday, dragged my mom with me so I wouldn't be by myself. Thank goodness I did, it was just a little overwhelming(sp?) Let me start by saying we parked at the fairgrounds and was going to take the shuttle bus to the convention center,I was expecting to see a little short bus. Not so, we got there and the shuttle bus was like a greyhound bus. Yes this big. Get to the conference and go to the book soon as I walked in I was like oh my gosh where do I start. 98 vendors to go through and let me say we were there for 5 hours and only attended the book fair, no workshops. I had every intention on going to some of the vendor workshops but no time. I had so much fun and came home with all of our curriculum for next year except for science. And I will definitely be going back next year. So here is how it all plays out for next year:

BW: Heart of Dakota-Little Hands to Heaven

Bryanna: Heart of Dakota-Preparing Hearts for His Glory(History/Bible)
Rod and Staff (English)
Math U See
I also bought a Charlottes Web Study Guide that we will start for reading at the first of the school year.

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Rhonda said...

Was it your first HS convention? I remember my first, two years ago. I had just got out of a cast on my foot and it was still sore. I was so sore by the end of walking around that place. And I took my kids, all three. Had the youngest in a front pack. Oh, my, it's a horrible memory, but I loved it and I haven't let anything stop me from going since...and I keep trying to find babysitting, but once again, my babysitting (my husband) cancelled on me (yesterday) and mine is in a week. Well, no front packs anymore at least!! I'm still going to call my husband's customer and tell them that he's sick that day and can't help them no matter what the emergency. No, just kidding!! All in all, HS conventions breath life into my homeschooling soul! i love 'em.