March 26, 2009

Whats going on at the Kennedy house?

So what has been going on at our house. Lets see where to begin. Well we had an unexpected death within our family. The kids and I have all been sick with some awful stuff. BW pulled a muscle in his neck. We have been busy helping my mom the past couple of months doing some work on her house. And most importantly we have been trying to do as much school work as possible.

School has been going really good. BW is showing more interest in wanting to do school work too. This is making life as a teacher much easier. We have testing coming up in 13 days, yes 13 days. I am a little nervous being our first year, I just hope we have covered everything that we need to at this point. I am also starting to check out curriculum for next year. Thinking of checking out some new curriculum for next year. Also trying to figure out where I want to start with BW. He will be 5 in November, not in Kindergarten according to the public schools. But I am thinking of starting him in to some more in depth preschool and start working on reading with him. Reading he is showing a lot of interest in. As for Bryanna I think she needs a different Math one that is more hands on maybe if I can find this. The Language Arts that I used this year was good but I didnt feel as if there was enough grammar work for her. As for history, science, and bible I am thinking of trying something new. I like to try new things. Maybe when I make my decision that will be another post.

I have some difficult upcoming days ahead for me. First, on the day she will be tested will be one year since we found out about dad having cancer. A month and 3 days later will be 1 year since he passed away. God has blessed us so much in the past year even with my dads passing. It has been so hard and sometimes it seems as if he is still working out of town and he will be home on Friday and then he is not there. But one thing is for sure I know exactly where he is and that is heaven with his Lord and Savior. One thing my dad said that I remember always is he said "God is good" and how right is he!!

This is a lot of different subjects, hopefully you didnt get lost in the whole post.

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