March 30, 2010

Living Room Update

We have completed the painting and the floors...yay :) I think it turned out so pretty and I love them. So now all we have to wait on is the furniture which is scheduled to arrive on April 7th.

Before Pictures:

sorry this is kind of dark

After Pictures:

not sure what that spot is, I think I need to clean my camera

new floor, so pretty :)


Katrina said...

I ♥ It!!

Can't wait to see it once the furniture is in place!

Raising Little Women said...

oh, that looks great! i know you can't wait to get your new furniture!! and BIG tv ;o)

Letherton said...

looks so much better
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Thanks :)

Sharon@KeenInspirations said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and for "signing on"...I am really glad to have other homeschooling, stay at home mom's aboard! Looking forward to "getting to know you via blog land! I love the paint and new floor!