February 2, 2009

Doctor Visits

Last Thursday the kids had their annual appointments to the doctor. They have grown so much, BW is now ready for a booster seat and he was so excited. Everything seem to check out well. The only thing we have to move further with is Bryannas eyes. The eye test they did on her showed that she would need glasses for distance as well as reading. I thought, it hadnt been a year yet since she got the reading glasses, but we have made an appointment with the eye doctor for the 10th.

Also we can keep Bryanna off of the asthma medicines unless she starts showing signs of a cold and then she would have to go back on them. The other thing we have to watch is how her breathing does when she does a lot of playing if this seems bad she will have to go back on the meds as well.

When I looked at their growing charts and seen how much they have grown since they were babies it makes me want to cry. BW has pretty much stayed at the top of his chart and Bryanna started way down on the chart, a mere 3 lbs 5 oz when we brought her home and now at the top of her chart. We just have so much to be thankful for and I thank God for my children and for allowing me to be home with them and teach them.

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Katrina said...

That's wonderful they are doing good & Yay! for B.W on the booster seat, we put Caleb in one about a month ago! Well I am glad Bryanna does not have to take the asthma meds any more, I hope all goes well with her eye doctor appointment, I'll have to get her to tell me all about it... I really think I need to have my eyes checked too! The kids grow so fast! You are truly blessed to be able to stay home & teach them!