January 12, 2009

BW is sick...

We had to head off to the doctor this morning. BW can not talk,he complains of his throat hurting, he is coughing, and running a low fever. They tested him for strep throat but that came back negative. He is wheezing and congested. They seem to think all the drainage is causing his voice to be gone and his throat to hurt. He will have to take breathing treatments and another medicine for a several days. He didnt sleep well last night we were up three times so hopefully he will sleep much better tonight or maybe even take a nap today.


Katrina said...

I hope he gets to feeling better soon, thank goodness it was not strep! Well we missed him yesterday!

My Two Boy Circus said...

Thank goodness it is not strep, that stuff in the worst. I hope you can get some rest throughout the day. I hope he is feeling better real soon.