December 3, 2008

Homemade Tree Skirt

I got this idea from a craft book. You make this tree skirt and put your kids handprints on it and let them write their name and year on it. Every year you do it again. I know that presents will be on it and nobody will be able to see it but I said this is something I would treasure.


Piggy said...

Aww, I love it! Such a great idea and its absolutely adorable. You did a wonderful job and its definitely something you and the kids will both treasure.

My Two Boy Circus said...

Great idea, I may have to use that one!!! You did a great job!!!! Way to go girl.

Michelle said...

that is the neatest idea ever!! You know we might have to that that this year cause I don't think that we are getting out our tree and decortations we are going to get a real one and make everything this year so this will be fun to do!

mommyuf3 said...

Great idea!!!! Wish I would have had something like that now that my kids are grown...I still have all the ornaments they made though.
Thanks for sharing!!!

Sherri/Megan said...

I'm impressed - Great job!

I'm like Shelia - I wish I had started something like that when mine were little.

See you, Sherri