October 21, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been awhile since I posted but we have been very busy. We had our second field trip and we went to Battleground Alamance. This was very interesting and the kids did really good. They got to see one of the old cabins, play with toys they had back then, see how candles were made, watch a blacksmith turn iron into a nail, see apples pressed into cider, see musket demonstration, and see a canon firing demonstration as well as a few other things. Below are the pictures I took before my camera battery died.:( Then we headed for the beach on Thursday with my mom and helped her paint the outside building. We decided we would let the kids help, I will post an after picture tomorrow for my Wordless Wednesday post. So tune in for that. And we are now trying to get back in the swing of things. We have another field trip next week to the fire department and I
think BW will really enjoy that.

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Bryanna is playing a game called shut the box, and B.W. is writing on a piece of slate just like they did in colonial days.

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This lady was telling us about how they cooked and stored food then. If you will notice there is a pot over the fire which had pork and beans in that. There is a stand beside of the fire with a chicken tied to a string. She had a piece of fish tied to a board that sat near the fire and a potato and egg that sat on the ground next to the fire. The man was showing them how to make the candles. He said it would take about three hours to make those candles.

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This is the blacksmith and in the first picture he was trying to get his fire hot by using the bella (sp?) which blew air into the fire to make it hot. He stuck a iron rod into the fire and when it was the right temperature he took it out and hammered it into a nail.

This is the Allen House. It is a one bedroom house has no electricity. There was a door in the front and back of the house which served for most of the light. The fireplace served for light and heat as well. The kids slept upstairs which was like an attic, and the beds were made of straw. Imagine that.

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Piggy said...

Aww!(that one's for lil' Bryanna, as she follows in my footsteps, hee hee) Oh how neat! I just love the pictures. What a great learning experience. They are so into what they are doing in the pics. I know they had a great time. ..Sleeping on beds made of straw, I just can't imagine that. That makes me even more blessed to have my comfy cozy bed and electricity. I can't wait to see tomorrrow's picture :) Hope you have a wonderful day!