September 10, 2008


Since I have been back from the beach I have had a hard time trying to get back in the routine of things, well I have just been quite lazy to tell the truth. Math has been awful, Bryanna just gets so upset and frustrated. Last week we were working on two digit multiplication and she just broke down crying and I was ready to break down to. But as the week went on she got the concept but still does not know her multiplication tables like I would like for her to. So instead of moving on to the next thing we just stopped working in her book and we are focused on learning the multiplication tables. Everything else is going good. History she learned about the Indians and the missionaries to the Indians. This chapter was not very long but she enjoyed it so much she was sad when she finished the chapter. So in November I told her we would do some more about Indians. On Friday we go on a field trip to Old Salem and we are excited. She has never been and I cant remember going. Hopefully I will be able to take pictures and post them next week.


Michelle said...

It is so hard to get back in a routine when you come back from vacation.

Hate those multiplications tables ;)

Piggy said...

Oh how I hate math. Definetly not my favorite subject at all!! Multiplications are so nerve racking to learn. Its like ya have to make a riddle to learn them. You'll have to post some pictures of Old Salem. I absolutely loved going their in 4th grade. Of course I know a lot has probably changed since then, hee hee. Oh my! how I remember those yummy delicous cookies and bread. OH they were soooo good. I know ya'll had a good time & were very tired when ya got home :p


Michelle said...

Hi Annette, Just making my blog rounds this morning and thought i'd stop by and say hi