September 18, 2008

Old Salem

So today I thought I would post about our Old Salem trip and show a few more pictures that I had. The first place we went to in Salem was the childrens museum, of course they didnt want to leave. I did manage to take a few pictures there. The kids are building in the pretend workshop in these pictures.



So we continued on and visited the gunsmith shop, old houses, bakery (my favorite place :p), and the old church. Everything was so neat. On this day they had some hands on activities for the kids and you know they were excited about that. I got so much into the history of things that I forgot about taking pictures. The bakery was so neat they told us about the oven and I was just in awe, cooking 80-90 loaves of bread at a time,wow! The kids got samples of ginger cookies in there and they were good. One of the houses we went to had a bed they could actually try out and I did get a picture of the kids in that.


They got to make african masks, do a watercolor painting, stamp with wood block stamps, and see how to make a blank book. Another thing we got to see was how to make a button out of just thread, one thing she and I may try sometime. I told Bryanna that I would like to go back around Christmas time and visit again.


Piggy said...

OH! such cute pictures!! I absolutely LOVE their cookies and bread!! Isn't it crazy the amount of loaves they can put in their oven?! I know the kids had a wonderful time. I bet you at Christmas time its so pretty with their decorations. You'll have to take me the next time ya'll go back, hee hee :P

. ..Love the new background!! So incredibly cute!!


Michelle said...

oh, how cute! I love the new look! so pretty and girlie!
Love your pictures too. I hate that we didn't go, maybe next time. If you go to the meeting on Friday you'll have to let me know how it goes.