September 22, 2008

First Homeschool Group Meeting

We had our first meeting last Friday and we were kind nervous because we didnt know anyone and didnt know what to expect. Of course I was worried about how BW act. But guess what he was good and we had a great time. Bryanna liked it so much. It is kind of a small group but I liked it. It was kind of informal, some of the kids brought toys and played and talked with each other. They had snack and did some activities that we learned about when we went to Old Salem. Bryanna and BW made a blank book and decorated them and Bryanna wrote with a liquid ink and feather. Pretty Cool! She met 2 other girls one was her age but in 5th grade and the other was in 6th. But that was good they sat and talked a little. So our next field trip with them is to Alamance Battleground and we are looking forward to that. Also they will be making a clay art project in November and painting it in December. Being the craft people we are Bryanna was very excited about that. So much to look forward too!!!


Michelle said...

Oh, I'm so glad that y'all enjoyed the group! We might make it out there on of these days! Oh, we are so stinkin' busy!

Piggy said...

Aww, it sounds like ya'll had a really good time. Oh how I love the liquid ink feather pens. They are so cool! You'll have to keep us updated on all the activities and crafts ya'll do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you saturday :)

Love ya!