April 1, 2008

Prayers Needed

I have been unable to post lately because we have been so busy. I have had to help with my dad. Today I have to take him to the chiropractor and let them work on him, hopefully this will help till he goes for his next shot. My mom is exhausted and my so is my dad. He cant eat or sleep. He has now lost over 50 pounds. He is so worn down he can hardly get around. Yesterday my mom had to call his neurologist and they didnt seem to want to call back or do anything, so being the daughter I am I had to call and get a little ugly with them. I dont know why sometimes it seems doctors do not want to take you serious until you have to get plain out hateful. Nobody should have to go through all the pain and suffering that my dad has been through. It is hard on him as well as my family. All my mom and us kids can do is just watch him and cry. It is all we can do to hold it together for him. I ask that each and everyone of you keep him in your prayers and pray that when he goes Thursday to get another shot that it will work. I know that God is with him and will take care of him but it always helps when you know you have people praying as well.

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